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Cost of Delay – interview with Don Reinertsen

Cost of delay (COD) is something we all need better understanding of. Don Reinertsen – the author of “The Principles of Product Development Flow.“ –...

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Rapid Software Testing – a context-driven test approach

Lately, there has been much buzz about Rapid Software Testing which has been described as “the closest thing in the business to a martial art of software testing.”...

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Time for Change – interview with Esther Derby

Lean & Agile management needs a new breed of managers focused on spawning motivation, supporting team-based work and understanding systems. Here, Esther Derby...

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Size XXL – Lean and Agile projects within Ericsson

Methodology must be adapted, every developer must understand their part in the whole and architecture issues are key – these are three conclusions that Ericsson...

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Let’s make it Personal

“We need someone to go to site X this week”, said our team lead. There was a sigh among the developers in the room. “I know, I know,” she apologized,...

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